I believe I can fly

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Photography by Eyal Asaf

Text by Veronica Yudkevich


Sometimes I dream that I can fly, gliding above trees, mountains and valleys. At times it’s a little nerve wracking to discover such a novel ability, but mostly it’s very exciting, especially when I get this intense sinking feeling in my stomach, invariably followed by the uncontrollable “Ah!”, unexpectedly escaping from my chest.

Eyal Asaf’s photographs transport the viewer exactly to those airy places of silence and wonder where everything is beautiful and perfect as in a dream. They offer a different point of view of the familiar world, a new and optimistic perspective from a remote or even detached place. As one watches from above, from a bird’s-eye view, suddenly all the wrinkles get filled and the blemishes disappear as with a flick of a wizard’s wand; thus you can spread your imaginary wings and fly away to the worlds of awe.  

We’ve chosen a number of photographs of places in the North of Israel that are dear to our hearts - Acre, Nazareth,  Arbel and Tabor Mountains and Mizpe Hilla area.

We believe you can fly!    


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Mitzpe Hila

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Mount Arbel

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Mount Tabor

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